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couple facing divorce Jacksonville, FLGoing through an annulment is emotionally and mentally draining. Aside from mourning over the end of a marriage, you also have to deal with all the legal requirements and procedures. It’s not an easy process and we’re here to help you.

Our team of annulment lawyers from Southside Jacksonville will provide all the legal assistance that you need as you face this stressful chapter in your life.

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The Definition of Annulment

family law attorneys and divorce lawyers in Jacksonville, FLWhen a couple decides to put an end to their marriage, they can choose to file for either a divorce or annulment. The main difference between the two is how the marriage will be recognized after its dissolution.

A divorce ends an existing marriage while an annulment states that the marriage never happened at all. If your annulment gets granted by the Florida court, the marriage never happened at all in the eyes of the law. It must be noted that not all marriages can qualify for an annulment and certain requirements must be met.

Grounds for Annulment

attorney working with client on family law case in Jacksonville, FLAccording to Florida court, there are two classifications of marriages to be annulled: void and voidable. Void marriages are ones that were invalid right from the start while voidable marriages are ones that are not necessarily invalid from the start. If you want to file for the annulment of your marriage, your reasons for filing should fall under the following specified grounds for annulment:

  • A marriage can be considered void if one party was still legally married to another person, the two parties are closely related by blood, one party is mentally incapacitated (therefore cannot consent to the marriage), or both parties are underage.
  • A marriage can be considered voidable if one party was incapable of giving consent to the marriage at the time of the ceremony due to a temporary but serious mental problem or was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • A marriage can be considered voidable if one party used misrepresentations or fraudulent actions just to trick the other party into getting married. It must be noted that not all misrepresentations will qualify as grounds for annulment.
  • A marriage can be considered voidable if one or both parties entered into the marriage because they were coerced or forced (duress).
  • A marriage can be considered voidable if one party is underage and parental consent was not given.
  • A marriage can be considered voidable if one party is impotent but the other party didn’t know about it at the time of the marriage.
  • A marriage can be considered voidable if one or both parties entered the marriage as a joke.

How to Get an Annulment

spousal support and high asset divorceIf your reason for filing an annulment falls under any of the grounds for annulment mentioned above, you must first get an official court order to officially annul a void or voidable marriage. Then, you have to file your annulment papers in Florida’s circuit courts. It’s where your annulment will be heard because they have the equitable powers. When it comes to annulment proceedings, the court follows Florida’s family law rules of procedure so it’s important to know and understand those laws.

When you file and serve a petition for annulment, you have to indicate that the marriage is considered void or voidable and explain the reasons why. If for some reason the other party disagrees with your petition or what’s stated in it, they can file and serve a counterclaim for the dissolution of a marriage. It’s not easy to file for an annulment because Florida presumes that all marriages are valid and legal. You have to present strong pieces of evidence that can support your claims and that the marriage needs to be annulled under the specified grounds accepted in court.

Why Jacksonville Family Law is The Best Choice for Legal Services

determination on divorce caseOur law firm is absolutely one of the best ones in Southside Jacksonville, FL. We have a great reputation and a working relationship with our past and current clients.

We are dedicated to ensuring that our clients will get the best possible legal advice and service from us. We want our clients who are going through an annulment to get what’s best for them and what they truly deserve.

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Southside Jacksonville Annulment Lawyer Grig Logo H1 br 300x105Our team of excellent lawyers from Southside Jacksonville can help you prepare everything that you need for your annulment case. We have the most competent and experienced lawyers and if any of them will take on your case, then you have a high chance of legally ending your marriage with fewer conflicts and shorter waiting times. We’ll make sure that you’ll be fully prepared for each step of the annulment process.

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