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How Can A Private Investigator Help Your Divorce Case?

Hiring a private investigator can be helpful with family law cases in a number of ways. Although it may sound exciting and mysterious to catch a cheating spouse like it is shown in movies, in reality, the evidence collected by private investigators is more circumstantial than it seems in the movies. Usually, people are very discreet when an extramarital affair is involved, but a good and clever investigator can capture some very private and revealing moments on film if needed.

A private investigator can take several steps in order to capture a cheating spouse. For example, photos can be taken or a video can be made. In other cases, an investigator may spy on the personal emails or messages of the spouse in order to learn if the spouse is cheating. The investigator can also create a situation in order to set the spouse up, so he or she ends up admitting to guilt eventually. Workplace monitoring is also another tactic used by investigators, especially if it is suspected that the spouse is having an affair with a coworker. Most people have extramarital affairs with coworkers, that’s why most private investigators will question where the spouse works. In other cases, simply following the spouse for a couple of days should give an idea who they are involved in a relationship with.

Things to Know When Hiring a P.I.

The first thing to know when hiring a personal investigator to spy on your spouse is to never tell anyone that you’re hiring one. Many times, people are usually having an affair with someone close, maybe a friend or family. Never confide in anyone if you suspect your spouse is cheating on you, not even your parents. Also, don’t give any hint or suspicion to your spouse that he or she is being followed around. Try to gather as much evidence as you can before confronting your spouse.

How should you go about hiring a P.I.?

It is never advised to go out and contact a private investigator on your own. If you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you, contact an attorney first. Let the attorney hire the P.I. on your behalf. Everything is confidential between clients and attorneys, as well as the P.I. and the attorney. Any evidence collected can then be used by the attorney as “work product” against the opposing party if the case goes to trial.

Many family law firms and attorneys are already working with professional private investigators who know how to do their job. These investigators are also familiar with the laws and they will not gather any evidence illegally. The investigator will also make a detailed report which can be presented in court in a divorce case.

Avoid Hiring “Friends” to Watch Your Spouse

A lot of times, people may ask a friend to follow their spouse around if they suspect the spouse is having an affair. They may even ask the friend to wiretap their spouse’s phone. All such acts are a recipe for disaster. Wiretapping someone’s phone is illegal. Moreover, the friend may not have the skill or knowledge to spy properly, or worse, they may be the person the spouse is involved in a relation with!

Always contact an attorney if you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you.